Parrot Sequoia Accessory Bay Cable for 3DR Solo


Parrot Sequoia Gimbal Bay Cable for 3DR Solo

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Cable for connecting a Parrot Sequoia to the 3DR Solo Accessory Bay. The cable connects to the Accessory Bay Breakout Board and provides 5V power via a 5V 3A Micro UBEC.


  • 2-pin Dupont Connector to Right Angle Micro USB
  • 5V 3A Micro UBEC

Micro UBEC Specs
Input: 12v-16.8v
Output: 5v 3A constant
Type: Switching
Input Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection
Weight: 8g

Note: The 3DR Solo Accessory Bay provides 4.75V to 5.4v with a max current is 1.05A of a UBEC is required to power the Sequoia.

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